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DCP is a new anti-tumour platinum agent that has been developed on the basis of molecular biology theories about the characteristics of the abnormal structure of DNA in cancer cells. It is a super-molecular compound in the shape of “cage” with “molecule switches” specially designed to target and bind with the base of abnormal DNA. DCP’s therapeutic effect is resulted from its ability to target and kill cancerous tumour cells. In the meantime, it does not elicit negative side effects of destroying normal cells and tissues that most of the existing chemotherapies have.

Many studies have been conducted to demonstrate DCP’ s advantages such as its being chemically stable, its assured effect as an anti-cancer agent, its high safety and low toxicity, and its water-solubility and the stability of its solutions. The Phase One Trial has indicated that DCP’s digestive tract and kidney toxicities are less than those of Cis-Diammine, and its haematological toxicity is less than that of Carboplatin. It has also been found that DCP’s protein binding rate is low and over 90% of the drug is in the nomadic form when administered to human beings, and it has a long elimination half-life. The experts unanimously believe in the prospects for DCP and the possibility that this new drug might replace similar anti-tumour drugs. Top cancer control experts such as Dr Franco Cavalli, Chairman of Global Tumour Control Centre, have been paying close attention to the drug.

DCP showed extraordinary good results against Bronchial Carcinoma and liver cancer. For both diseases there are only unsatisfactory or no treatments and the case numbers are high enough to justify the drug development financially.


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