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Bioplatin Ltd., a limited company, domiciled in Chur/Switzerland, registered in the trade register of grisons, Switzerland, having its registered office at Quaderstrasse 8 in 7000 Chur/Switzerland

Purpose of the company
Trading with all types of commodities, particularly with pharmaceutical products and medical products, Purchase and use of licenses and license rights.

Major Project

A new agent called DICYCLOPLATIN ( DCP), an anti-tumour agent developed by Professor YANG et all on the basis of molecular biology theories about the characteristics of the abnormal structure of DNA in cancer cells, is the main product. It is a super-molecular compound in the shape of a "cage" with "molecule switches" specially designed to target and bind with the base of abnormal DNA.
This product will be able to target cancer cells whilst leaving normal cells un-damaged, giving greater benefit to chemotherapy treatments. This newly developed platinum based anti cancer drug which proved to be as effective as today’s chemotherapeutic drugs but does not have the toxicity and ill side effects of those. This drug, Dicycloplatin has been developed at the University of Beijing and went through Chinese clinical phase I trials. Patent protection is already given in all major markets, especially in the US, the European Union and Japan.

Management Team and Professional Resume

Willi Mutzner, Bioplatin President
Willi also is a Swiss national having been educated in finance and economics, he is specialised in asset management and also a partner of the Chur based accounting company.

Bai Yun Xian, branch manager Beijing
Yun Xiang is a former employee of Beijing Xingda Science Ltd where he was in charge for foreign business and external relations.

Kim Jin Suk, branch manager Seoul and director of Bioplatin Ltd
Having a commercial background Jin Suk worked for logistics and shipping companies before he became he joined the company of Martin about ten years ago. He is working for DCP project full time.

    Bioplatin AG · Törliweg 1 · CH-7304 Maienfeld · Switzerland · Tel +41 (0)81 256 07 14